What Is the Most Collectable Whisky? 

If you are looking at investing in whisky in 2021 and 2022 but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered! Buying whisky as an investment is growing in popularity worldwide and as the market continues to evolve and grow we want to help you with the question… What is the most collectable Whisky currently?

Macallan Fine & Rare 1926

A record breaking bottle of this 60 year Scotch sold for a massive £1.5 million at auction back in 2019, taking the top spot from another 1926 Macallan that had sold for £1.2 million 

There were only 40 bottles from cask 263, with 24 of those getting limited edition artist designed labels. 

The prestige of the brand, and the limited run of bottles make this top of many collectors wish lists. 

Hanyu Ichiro Full Card 

54 Japanese bottles each in each collection, they represent one full game card. After Scotland, Japan has imposed itself as a serious competitor in the whisky industry. This series has 400 bottles, making 8 full card games. 

In a recent auction, they were sold for a record value of $1,520,000 USD. 

Macallan Fine and Rare 1938

Another in the Fine and Rare series, and first bottled in 1969. Getting your hands on one of these will set you back around £40,000. Maybe not quite as much as the Fine and Rare 1926, but still a worthy contender as a collectible. 

The Macallan distillery has an amazing reputation in the whisky investor community;

The average bottle can reach 3 figures easily, and their best whiskies can cost more than £3,000 when freshly bottled. 

Port Ellen – Staff of Port Ellen Maltings 1998

This collection was released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Port Ellen Maltings, and features the names of the distillery staff on the bottle. An Islay Single Malt, bottles can sell for around £1,900 to over £3,000 in auctions. 

Diageo and HBO – Limited Edition Single Malts 

After the huge success of their White Walker mix in 2018, Diageo came out with a long-awaited collection of Game Of Thrones whiskies in the UK.

This was to celebrate the 8th and last season of the show, and features a range of whiskies from around Scotland. The popularity of the show makes us believe that a lot of fans will want to get their hands on this collection.

Glenlivet 1981 The Whisky Exchange Exclusive

A Glenlivet 36-year-old single malt scotch. Only 702 bottles were made, making it a rare collector’s piece.  Bottles can come in around the £600 mark, giving them some good room to increase in value if well stored. 

Bowmore 1973 Islay

While this Bowmore costs a bit more than your average bottle, with a starting price of around £6,500, it is an attractive option for investors. Bowmore’s 1973 single malt scotch was only bottled in 2016, giving it the almost perfect maturation time of 32 years. However if you want to ensure you see a profit, you will likely have to be in it for the long game, keeping it stored for a good few years. As it becomes rarer, its value should grow. 

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