Whisky cask investment is an opportunity to invest in the whisky journey, from distillery to bottle.

The maturation of each batch is an essential part of the whisky making process, with many casks developing over decades to achieve the full flavour that whisky enthusiasts enjoy. Once safe in its cask, whisky leaves the distillery to begin its life in the warehouse. To help continue producing and maturing whisky over the long periods required and allowing the continuation of the craft, distilleries offer casks to investors looking to play a part in the process. 

At MacInnes, we help you invest in your very own cask of whisky. Buying whisky as an investment is growing in popularity worldwide for not only whisky enthusiasts but for those who are savvy enough to realise the extraordinary tax free gains that can be achieved from this alternative investment.

Purchase a cask, allow it to mature in a safe, HMRC regulated warehouse, and then when the time is right you can sell, or even bottle, your whisky. 

But bottles aren’t the only way to get involved in the growing market – take a step closer to the source and invest in casks. Unlike with bottles, when you invest in a cask, you invest in whisky that continues to develop in flavour. Scotch whisky requires a minimum of three years to mature, and many barrels develop over decades. 

Whisky casks are subject to greater scrutiny than bottle investment, with careful monitoring by HMRC,  the creation of cask whisky is far harder to fake than a collectors bottle, or other tangible assets so the risk of fraud is low. The growth in bottled whisky collection has reinforced the value and prestige of whisky from premium brands, such as the ones on offer at MacInnes, with demand for casks from these distilleries growing. 

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