Discover Glenrothes

04 December 2023

Discover Glenrothes


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The Glenrothes Distillery, based in the historic town of Rothes in Speyside, has been distilling its single malts for over 140 years.

The Glenrothes is one of only a few distilleries in the world that benefits from a private water source for every stage of its production. Originating from the grounds of The Glenrothes Estate, fresh spring water undergoes natural filtration through volcanic bedrock on its journey to the distillery. The outcome is a soft and pure water, free of impurities. This water plays a crucial role in crafting the elemental elegance that defines The Glenrothes' distinctive house style.

The Birth of a Distillery

The distillery opened its doors in 1879 under William Grant & Co. A number of turbulent years followed, the distillery experienced a fire and exploration that cause significant damage.

Despite, the challenging start, The Glenrothes experienced a surge in capacity during the1960s, expanding from four to six stills. In a market-defying move in 1989, the distillery further increased its capacity to ten, showcasing a commitment to growth and innovation.

The whisky undergoes distillation in tall copper stills, and the distillery manages its own cooperage. A dedication to excellence is evident in the commitment to maturing the whisky in chosen sherry-seasoned oak casks, ensuring a blend of flavours and depth.

Present Day:
In 1999, The Edrington Group bought Glenrothes from Highland Distillery. Then in 2010, The Glenrothes brand passed to London wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd in a deal that secured another brand, 'Cutty Sark', for Edrington. However, Edrington repurchased The Glenrothes brand in 2017 in order to continue its own production of The Glenrothes from the distillery.

Whisky Region - more about Speyside

You will find The Glenrothes positioned adjacent to Glen Spey Distillery and to the south of Speyburn Distillery in the renowned Speyside region. Situated between Inverness and Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland, Speyside is the world’s most densely populated whisky region.The River Spey flows through the heart of Speyside and its waters play a significant role in the production of numerous malts.

Speyside is home to some of the most famous names in the whisky industry. From the Macallan to Tamnavulin, Glenlivet to Glenfiddich and many more, Speyside whiskies are often aged in sherry casks, which help ripen their fruity flavours with notes of honey and spice.

Our Glenrothes Tasting Notes

Colour: Natural
Nose: Light fragrance, banana and earthy vanilla.
Palate: Banana, lemon, melon with a hint of cinnamon and
Finish: long and sweet, Gala melons, light spice and stewed fruits.

If you'd like to taste Glenrothes for yourself, you can keep an eye out for our future tasting events, or if you wish to discuss investment options in person, contact us to arrange an appointment at your earliest opportunity.

More about our available casks:

AYS: from 2012-2016
(Age of Youngest Spirit)
OLA: 177.4 to 339.0
(Original Litres of Alcohol)
ABV: 63.5% - 69.7% 
(Alcohol By Volume)
Cask Type: Hogshead or Sherry Butt

Glenrothes Casks - 3 Casks in stock

The MacInnes team have worked hard to find some incredible Glenrothes investment casks. Now in stock, here are some of the casks currently available.

But be quick - they won't be around for long.

Call us 24/7 on 0207 100 7321 or email us at to ask any questions, book an appointment or discuss an investment.


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