Our low-down from the Lowlands

22 November 2023

Our low-down from the Lowlands


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Last week, Founder Jon and Marketing Director Ben made a trip to the Lowlands of Scotland. Over a few days they visited bonded warehouses, hoping to enable MacInnes' investors to visit the location of their cask during maturation. Jon also took the opportunity to have some conversations about investment casks, resulting in acquiring some excellent new casks, with a really affordable entry price for new investors looking to dip a toe in the market.

Renewing the love of Scotland – and its distilleries

Whisky Distillery
Whilst in the Lowlands, the pair took time for a tour of Glenkinchie, a Lowlands Distillery owned by Diageo, and one of four constituent single-malts in the renowned blended whisky Johnny Walker. "On our tour around the Glenkinchie Distillery, it was fascinating to hear again that 80% (at least) of Scotch single-malt whiskies end up in blended whisky, such as the Johnny Walker." Jon Hook
Scarcity as a result of blending
This becomes really interesting for investors in single-malt casks, as the value of those casks begins to rise when the volume of available casks remaining has reduced, and scarcity (of a particular whisky, from a particular year) begins to bear an impact on the potential price an interested party is prepared to pay to own it.

 Blended whiskies account for around 85% of overall whisky sales – in 1980 that figure was 99%, so the past forty years have been great for the single-malt market.

Keeping an ear close to the ground

Whisky Casks


Spending some time in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas was a great opportunity to get to know more businesses involved in bottling and storing whisky, including bonded warehouses that will afford MacInnes' and its investors the potential to visit, even sample, their own whisky.

For a Scottish whisky to be called Scotch when it's bottled, the whisky must remain stored in Scotland for the entire maturation period. Moreover, unless a cask owner is prepared to pay duty before the whisky has matured, let alone be ready for sale in bottles, the cask needs to remain in a bonded warehouse.

We're looking forward to building this opportunity in the coming months so that 2024 can present an even greater opportunity for clients wishing to fully appreciate the tangible nature of their whisky investment.

Constructing the perfect experience

Ben and Jon

Squeezing even more into their few short days, Jon and Ben met with travel and experience partners. Neil, pictured, runs a business that presents its clients with 'money can't (usually) buy' trips. They reported it was great to hear how the world of whisky compels whisky lovers of all budgets to experience Scotland and its distilleries in such varied ways.

To hear more about the trip, or to discuss the new casks added to our stocks, send us an email to set-up an appointment, either in person or by telephone. You can also telephone the team on 0207 100 7321.


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