The ‘Bonus’ of Whisky Investment

03 April 2023

The ‘Bonus’ of Whisky Investment


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As we reach the end of this financial tax year and venture into the next, you may have been fortunate enough to receive a monetary bonus in celebration of your company’s financial successes. If so, perhaps you’re contemplating the option of investing this money and growing your profitable portfolio.

At MacInnes we’re proud to offer an alternative investment opportunity to the standard options available. An investment which not only has a clear monetary value, but will almost certainly increase in value over time, making it a great option for those willing to play the long game.

Why Whisky?

Buying whisky as an investment is growing in popularity worldwide, not only for whisky enthusiasts but for those looking to explore high-performing alternative assets. And it’s little wonder, as whisky is not only the best performing asset of the past decade, but it remains only one of a handful of tangible assets whose future remains extremely lucrative.

Aged whiskies from reputable distilleries have been shown to not only retain their value during economic downturns but actually appreciate significantly during times of financial uncertainty.

With the Global whisky market set to be worth £73 billion in 2025, whisky investments are increasing in popularity as more people recognise them as a safe and secure way to gain capital.

The Romance of Whisky

From the sandy windswept bays of Islay to the imposing snow-capped Paps of Jura, MacInnes is proud to share our name with the clan that once called these Isles their homeland. And while many of our whiskies pay homage to these spiritual ancestors of the Inner Hebrides, we also celebrate the whiskies from all over the country. From the Lowlands to the Highlands, Speyside to Argyll, Scotland has drawn whisky enthusiasts from across the world to its distilleries and now you too can share in its journey.

By investing in a cask, you become a part of this Scottish heritage and a share in a brief moment in a long history of Scotch whisky. 

At MacInnes we love matching people to their perfect casks. Perhaps you’re looking to invest in a particular year of significance to you; the year of your birth or that of your child. Maybe you’d like your cask to reflect the year of your wedding or a special occasion. A cask investment is the perfect way to personalise your profitable portfolio and perhaps even help fund the next big life event.

Why Invest in Cask Whisky?

There are many reasons why investing in cask whisky makes for a sound investment decision in the current financial climate. In a time where savings accounts offer little interest, and the cost of living crisis is set to stretch even the most well laid pension plans, the opportunity to gain capital without the heavy tax implications is a tempting prospect.

Whisky casks are classed by HMRC as a ‘wasting asset’ and as such, they are not subject to Capital Gains Tax. A wasting asset is an asset with a predictable lifespan of less than or up to 50 years. For whisky, this is due to the fact that the wooden casks are naturally porous, allowing a very small amount of alcohol to evaporate each year. 

There’s also the added benefit that whilst stored within a warehouse, there is also a duty suspension on your cask, meaning that no VAT or excise are payable on it. 

Exploring your options

For more information on how to begin your whisky cask investment journey today, simply download our brochure or get in touch with a member of our team.


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