The growth of whisky, and the growth of MacInnes

20 February 2023

The growth of whisky, and the growth of MacInnes


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Back in 2021, our founder Jonathan Hook, driven by decades of financial expertise and a desire to help his clients make wiser choices with their money, discovered whisky cask investments – during a time of political instability, poor interest rates, and a reliance on traditional investment products.

After uncovering the tax-free benefits and strong returns available, Jon began to realise an opportunity that is regularly overlooked, and which he believed more people deserve to access, whether seasoned investors or new.

This was the start of the MacInnes Whisky journey.

So far…

With a growing team of whisky investment experts, with qualifications earnt at the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, we have spread our passion for, and knowledge of, Scotch whisky cask investment throughout Norfolk and London for our customers.

Since our inception just 2 years ago, we are already seeing client successes, in some cases as soon as six to twelve months from diversifying their portfolio to include cask whisky. Imagine the impact over five to ten years. We’re great advocates that with whisky investment, time is our greatest friend.

The team regularly visit Scotland, building robust relationships with suppliers that provide us with a premium selection of single malt Scotch casks from leading distilleries across Scotland. This gives us frequent and privileged access to sought after stock with strong potential for growth.

A new look to better convey our mission and journey

Over the past couple of months, the team have worked closely with design agency Ark, who, like MacInnes, are also based in Norwich. They’ve helped enormously by developing the brand and helping to reveal our true strength and purpose, which is enabling investors to combine a personal passion with the potential for significant financial gains.

Although born in Norfolk, our roots remain firmly in Scotland, and our stag’s head logo always faces left, towards our spiritual home of Islay. And because we care deeply about the centuries of craft that go into whisky-making, we invest in only the finest single malts from world-renowned Scottish brands.

Our goal is to make the world of whisky cask investment more accessible, welcoming, and easier to understand. We’re delighted that our refreshed identity is already helping us to achieve that.

The re-launch of MacInnes in time for Burns Night

What better time to re-introduce MacInnes than on Burns Night – the celebration of the legendary Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

On Wednesday 25th 2023, MacInnes were so proud to be the main sponsor and supporter of Burns Night at Norwich City Football Club, with Delia’s Canary Catering. The evening was a roaring success, with a turnout of over 240 guests, poetry, bagpipes, an amazing dinner prepared by super chefs Angela Hartnett, James Ferguson, Neil Borthwick, and lots of our best-selling Tullibardine whisky!

It was the perfect evening for our launch, so thank you to all involved and to those who attended, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The growth of whisky

Enough about us.

The whisky market is persistently strong, standing out amongst many other investments because its value is directly attributable to the process of ageing. Other factors such as scarcity of supply, particularly in older casks, and demand for the well-known brands continue to increase prices.

Every year, Scotch whisky provides £5.5 billion in gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy and, as a physical commodity that takes years to mature, it’s a highly attractive medium-term investment. At any given time, a buyer is waiting – with 41 whisky bottles sold every second, and the global whisky market forecast to be worth £73 billion in 2025.

The whisky market is in a great position, as are we. With MacInnes’ growing team of whisky investment experts, we’re able to offer a very personal and hand-held approach to guide our customers.

For MacInnes, single malt Scotch whisky is ‘The Spirit of Opportunity’.


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